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In Skin Medical Laser we specialise in Virtually Painless hair removal for all types of skin, using the most advanced laser, Soprano Ice Platinum. Perfect for any area of the body, with zero down time, and a proven safety record, Skin Medical Laser in Brussels offers a permanent solution to laser hair removal.

The Power of three

Multiple Laser Wavelengths and Technologies

755 Alexandrite – 810 – 1064 Nd:YAG
skinmedicallaser laser hair removal
Trio clustered diode technology
for laser hair removal in one applicator.
3 Combined Wavelengths Covering
the Optimal Spectrum
  • All Skin Types

  • Virtually Painless

  • Proven Safety Record

  • Optimal Spectrum

The Most Advanced Solution for LASER HAIR REMOVAL

3 simultaneous wavelengths in 1 applicator

Why choose Soprano Ice Platinum ?


3-in-1 applicator

Virtually Painless

Treatment is virtually painless, delivering a massage-like sensation.

All Skin Tones and Hair Types

Effective results for light or dark skin as well as coarse of fine hair.

Proven safety record

Including for dark skin.

Tanned Skin

Treatments can be performed any time of the year, including on tanned skin.


Treatment sessions are super-quick, even for large areas such as the legs or back.

No Down Time

You can return to your normal activities immediately.

Perfect for any area of the body

Including sensitive or hard to reach areas such as the ears, nostrils and bikini line.

Listen to the experts

Read reviews by leading industry experts!
``Handpiece offers coverage and efficacy levels that have never before been achieved. Having the three most effective wavelengths operating simultaneously is groundbreaking for the laser hair removal industry.``
PROF. DR. UWE PAASCH University Clinic of Leipzig, Germany
skinmedicallaser uwe-paasch
``The combination of the 3 different wavelengths enables practitioners to achieve better efficacy and highest coverage by simultaneously reaching different anatomical depths. This is the first time such a comprehensive treatment can be performed with just a single applicator.``
JOSEPH LEPSELTER VP Clinical Affairs Alma Lasers
skinmedicallaser joseph lepselter
``Soprano SHR has revolutionized medical photoepilation, contributing longer lasting and better results compared to conventional technologies. 'IN-MOTION' treatment, applying low fluence at high repetition rates, enables us to provide customized photoepilation for each patient. Soprano works with all skin and hair types, all year round, with consistent, safe, and reliable results. Today Soprano SHR is an essential tool for aesthetic practices, providing more patient advantages than any of its competitors.``
FERNANDO URIALES, MD Director of Miramar Medical Institute, Malaga, Spain
skinmedicallaser fernando uriales
``I believe Soprano SHR is the first innovation in laser hair removal in the past 10 years. We are now able to treat all skin types safely, with less pain and without compromising efficacy.``
MARTIN BRAUN, MD Vancouver Laser Center, Vancouver, BC, Canada
skinmedicallaser martin-braun

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